Design + Build approach is one of the most common methods used in the construction industry today.
An owner may prefer Design Build method because it has a single point of responsibility for both design and construction.
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Take advantage of our Design & Build services and stay on top of your project from start to finish. With our design, management, and construction technologies, your project is in good hands and fully transparent.

We specialize in providing construction packages that include design and build. We will design as per your vision and will not stop modifying your design until we capture the vision you have for your project whether it is at home or business.

Our professional designers will come to you and sketch your existing space at home or business in order to properly manage your space as per your needs. The sketch will be inputted into our 3D rendering programs for your review. Construction will only start once you are fully satisfied with the design and cost.

We are your number one choice when it comes to Design Build. We carry competitive design rates and our construction approach and network of professionals make all of our projects cost efficient and successful. 

  • Owner is dealing with one contract for the design and the construction
  • Owner does not have to be involved in the details of the design and the construction
  • Owner gets a team approach for the design and the construction
  • Our Design Build team provides a budget and detailed pricing through the design process, allowing the project to remain within a tight budget
  • Single source responsibility and adherence to tight time schedules
  • Design Build method can use a turnkey arrangement,
    and projects can be completed faster as it can be fast tracked

A project owner does not have to deal with multiple entities in order to complete a construction project. 


All Design Build projects are governed by CCDC standards.

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Architectural & 3D Design
Our interior designers will work with you hand-in-hand until your vision is fully captured in the design. We're not satisfied until you are.

We understand that some things might change along the way, so we will show you your project in 3D renders before its built, and we will keep working and adjusting the designs until it fully meets your satisfaction.

Kastone designers are licensed and experienced. You can count on us to help you find different ways and ideas to bring your vision into reality.

Engineering Design
Our expertise in modern and traditional construction make us your number one resource for all your consultation needs.

From Cost Estimation to Feasibility Studies, and to Engineering of all kinds. We have a selection of professional partners that include Architects, Structural engineers, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, Environmental and Landscape engineers, etc.

​Our consultants have been in the Canadian industry for many years providing professional designs that were built in numerous projects around Canada.

Looking for a General contractor?

Kastone has got you covered.  We’d be more than happy to direct you to the right section, click the link to view our general contracting sections.