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Kastone has a wide selection of skilled trades and suppliers that cover all divisions of today’s vast construction industry. We follow industry practices when we plan and carry out projects. Kastone can provide you with the trades you need for virtually any project, be it commercial or residential, large or small. Every project is broken down by division in order to calculate the exact cost to the penny without missing anything or overcharging.

Our projects are usually broken down as shown below and as per the Construction Specifications Institute standards. To find out more or to hire trades for your next project, contact Kastone today!


General Requirements

Every project must be initiated properly for it to succeed, which is why this division is essential. No company delivers more industry leading, self–performance practices than we do. Kastone prides itself on having state–of–the–art technology used for estimating, scheduling and managing projects from start to finish. We are able to analyze the best cost/value strategies for any given project and deliver it to our clients.

01100 Summary
01200 Price and Payment Procedures
01300 Administrative Requirements
01400 Quality Requirements
01500 Temporary Facilities and Controls
01600 Product Requirements
01700 Execution Requirements
01800 Facility Operation
01900 Facility Decommissioning

Site Construction

When your project requires preparation prior to or during construction, we can help! We provide demolition and landscaping services while we work with a vast network of top trades to service all requirements for this division.

02050 Basic Site Materials and Methods
02100 Site Remediation
02200 Site Preparation
02300 Earthwork
02400 Tunneling, Boring, and Jacking
02450 Foundation and Load-bearing Elements
02500 Utility Services
02600 Drainage and Containment
02700 Bases, Ballasts, Pavements, and Appurtenances
02800 Site Improvements and Amenities
02900 Planting
02950 Site Restoration and Rehabilitation


Kastone is one of Ottawa’s leading Foundation, Drilling, and Concrete structure contractors. We’ve successfully completed many foundation and concrete projects of various types in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, in all soil types and conditions.

03050 Basic Concrete Materials and Methods
03100 Concrete Forms and Accessories
03200 Concrete Reinforcement
03300 Cast-in-Place Concrete
03400 Precast Concrete
03500 Cementitious Decks and Underlayment
03600 Grouts
03700 Mass Concrete
03900 Concrete Restoration and Cleaning


Whether you are constructing a new brick building or re-pointing an older one, we can help with that! There is so much architectural beauty here in Ottawa and it is important to be able to preserve as much of it as possible and extend the life of heritage masonry for generations to come.

04050 Basic Masonry Materials and Methods
04200 Masonry Units
04400 Stone
04500 Refractories
04600 Corrosion-Resistant Masonry
04700 Simulated Masonry
04800 Masonry Assemblies
04900 Masonry Restoration and Cleaning


We can handle structural steel, miscellaneous iron, steel joists, metal decking and more. We specialize in commercial, industrial, residential and institutional projects. We offer a full range of services designed to meet all your steel needs, including stainless and carbon steel, angle irons, beams, channels, bars, chimney liners, chase covers, elbows and more!

05050 Basic Metal Materials and Methods
05100 Structural Metal Framing
05200 Metal Joists
05300 Metal Deck
05400 Cold-Formed Metal Framing
05500 Metal Fabrications
05600 Hydraulic Fabrications
05650 Railroad Track and Accessories
05700 Ornamental Metal
05800 Expansion Control
05900 Metal Restoration and Cleaning

Wood & Plastics

Wood and Plastics can be seen in almost every project. From cabinetry to commercial millwork projects, we can help you with this trade as we have made it a strength of ours.

06050 Basic Materials and Methods
06100 Rough Carpentry
06200 Finish Carpentry
06400 Architectural Woodwork
06600 Plastic Fabrications
06900 Wood and Plastic Restoration and Cleaning
06500 Structural Plastics

Thermal & Moisture Protection

Our Canadian climate made this division one of the most important yet neglected divisions. Having a very well insulated and sealed building/home can help reduce the consumer’s cost significantly. We can help you with insuring that your space is sealed and efficient.

07050 Basic Materials and Methods
07100 Damp-proofing and Waterproofing
07200 Thermal Protection
07300 Shingles, Roof Tiles, and Roof Coverings
07400 Roofing and Siding Panels
07500 Membrane Roofing
07600 Flashing and Sheet Metal
07700 Roof Specialties and Accessories
07800 Fire and Smoke Protection
07900 Joint Sealers

Doors & Windows

Our suppliers are simply the best when it comes to Glass, Doors and Hardware. We can supply and install what you need for your project.

08050 Basic Materials and Methods
08100 Metal Doors and Frames
08200 Wood and Plastic Doors
08300 Specialty Doors
08400 Entrances and Storefronts
08500 Windows
08600 Skylights
08700 Hardware
08800 Glazing
08900 Glazed Curtain Wall


Interior Renovations are our specialty. We have performed Commercial Fit-ups, retrofits and design builds for ICI and retail projects. We’ve successfully completed many high quality interiors across the city. Your project can be next!

09050 Basic Materials and Methods
09100 Metal Support Assemblies
09200 Plaster and Gypsum Board
09300 Tile
09400 Terrazzo
09500 Ceilings
09600 Flooring
09700 Wall Finishes
09800 Acoustical Treatment
09900 Paints and Coatings


Every project is unique. Most projects have special features, so we treat each project in a special way that’s designed to best fit your project. Whatever your project needs, we can deliver!

10100 Visual Display Boards
10150 Compartments and Cubicles
10200 Louvers and Vents
10240 Grilles and Screens
10250 Service Walls
10260 Wall and Corner Guards
10270 Access Flooring
10290 Pest Control
10300 Fireplaces and Stoves
10340 Manufactured Exterior Specialties
10350 Flagpoles
10400 Identification Devices
10450 Pedestrian Control Devices
10500 Lockers
10520 Fire Protection Specialties
10530 Protective Covers
10550 Postal Specialties
10600 Partitions
10670 Storage Shelving
10700 Exterior Protection
10750 Telephone Specialties
10800 Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories
10880 Scales
10900 Wardrobe and Closet Specialties


We will work with you to build whatever you imagine/design. Our vast network of suppliers and contractors is the best in the industry. Contact us and we will go above and beyond our duties to help you get the best results.

11010 Maintenance Equipment
11020 Security and Vault Equipment
11030 Teller and Service Equipment
11040 Ecclesiastical Equipment
11050 Library Equipment
11060 Theater and Stage Equipment
11070 Instrumental Equipment
11080 Registration Equipment
11090 Checkroom Equipment
11100 Mercantile Equipment
11110 Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment
11120 Vending Equipment
11130 Audio-Visual Equipment
11140 Vehicle Service Equipment
11150 Parking Control Equipment
11160 Loading Dock Equipment
11170 Solid Waste Handling Equipment
11190 Detention Equipment
11200 Water Supply and Treatment Equipment
11280 Hydraulic Gates and Valves
11300 Fluid Waste Treatment and Disposal Equipment
11400 Food Service Equipment
11450 Residential Equipment
11460 Unit Kitchens
11470 Darkroom Equipment
11480 Athletic, Recreational, and Therapeutic Equipment
11500 Industrial and Process Equipment
11600 Laboratory Equipment
11650 Planetarium Equipment
11660 Observatory Equipment
11680 Office Equipment
11700 Medical Equipment
11780 Mortuary Equipment
11850 Navigation Equipment
11870 Agricultural Equipment
11900 Exhibit Equipment


From manufactured casework to interior plants and planters, we can assist you with whatever it is your project requires to finish. Contact us for anything you need for this division.

12050 Fabrics
12100 Art
12300 Manufactured Casework
12400 Furnishings and Accessories
12500 Furniture
12600 Multiple Seating
12700 Systems Furniture
12800 Interior Plants and Planters
12900 Furnishings Repair and Restoration

Special Construction

At Kastone, we understand that some projects can become challenging. Our experienced staff and partners pay attention to every detail and take educated approaches to deliver projects successfully.

13010 Air-Supported Structures
13020 Building Modules
13030 Special Purpose Rooms
13080 Sound, Vibration, and Seismic Control
13090 Radiation Protection
13100 Lightning Protection
13110 Cathodic Protection
13120 Pre-Engineered Structures
13150 Swimming Pools
13160 Aquariums
13165 Aquatic Park Facilities
13170 Tubs and Pools
13175 Ice Rinks
13185 Kennels and Animal Shelters
13190 Site-Constructed Incinerators
13200 Storage Tanks
13220 Filter Underdrains and Media
13230 Digester Covers and Appurtenances
13240 Oxygenation Systems
13260 Sludge Conditioning Systems
13280 Hazardous Material Remediation
13400 Measurement and Control Instrumentation
13500 Recording Instrumentation
13550 Transportation Control Instrumentation
13600 Solar and Wind Energy Equipment
13700 Security Access and Surveillance
13800 Building Automation and Control
13850 Detection and Alarm
13900 Fire Suppression

Conveying Systems

Kastone provides its Ottawa and surrounding area customers with innovative, eco-efficient solutions for elevators escalators, lifts and material handling systems.

14100 Dumbwaiters
14200 Elevators
14300 Escalators and Moving Walks
14400 Lifts
14500 Material Handling
14600 Hoists and Cranes
14700 Turntables
14800 Scaffolding
14900 Transportation


We will provide you with high quality workmanship when it comes to all your mechanical needs. HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers etc. – we’ve got the trade you need at competitive rates.

15050 Basic Mechanical Materials and Methods
15100 Building Services Piping
15200 Process Piping
15300 Fire Protection Piping
15400 Plumbing Fixtures and Equipment
15500 Heat-Generation Equipment
15600 Refrigeration Equipment
15700 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Equipment
15800 Air Distribution
15900 HVAC Instrumentation and Controls
15950 Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing


High or low voltage, we are proud to say that our service is one of the best in town! Every project requires electrical work, lighting, communication cabling, etc. We have competitive rates and our work is of the highest quality.

16050 Basic Electrical Materials and Methods
16100 Wiring Methods
16200 Electrical Power
16300 Transmission and Distribution
16400 Low-Voltage Distribution
16500 Lighting
16700 Communications
16800 Sound and Video