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Retrofit and remodelling

If you have a new plan for your office, need to improve your space or don’t like the present look anymore, Kastone can help. We’ve performed numerous remodeling projects in & around Ottawa. Our customers have come to find out that creativity and innovation are at the heart of our company philosophy. This includes designers who promote forward thinking on all renovation aspects and develop innovative ideas for even greater enjoyment and comfort. We create game-changing face-lifts for interiors and exteriors of buildings.

With Kastone, you’re getting a professional team that’s committed to making your remodel or retrofit a huge success.

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If you currently have a commercial building and would like to push its envelope, increase energy performance or do any type of retro-fitting, give Kastone a call! Our extensive experience in this field helps us stand out from the crowd. These days nearly everyone is conscientious of energy savings. For starters, it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do, saving money for your organization. It’s also environmentally sound, a sustainable practice that shows you’re a corporate citizen who’s committed to being a productive part of the community.

  • Kastone will help you plan & implement cost-effective, energy-saving building upgrades
  • We can use energy simulation programs to model & optimize your energy and water use
  • Kastone will run simulations for retrofit alternatives and then execute retrofits that save you energy

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